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KOILS Fall 2012
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KOILS Fall 2012
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KOILS Fall 2012
DL Peer Team fall 2012
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KOILS Fall 2012
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KOILS Fall 2012
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Paige Brooks-Jeffiers, Director for Innovative Strategies was named an inaugural member of the Blackboard MVP Program, which recognizes individuals who have established themselves as thought leaders in educational technology by sharing their expertise in Blackboard platforms.

Assessment Fill-in-the-Blank Question Enhancement

Fill-in-the-Blank and Fill-in-Multiple-Blanks questions now offer Contains and Pattern Match (using regular expressions) as grading options for answers. Instructors no longer have to rely only on exact match for grading and manually enter every possible correct answer. They can require student answers to match exactly, contain part of the correct answer, or match a specified pattern. Instructors can also choose whether the answer is case sensitive.

Watch video how to create Fill-in-Blank Questions

Watch video how to create Fill in Multiple Blanks Questions