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KOILS Fall 2012
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KOILS Fall 2012
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KOILS Fall 2012
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Multiple-Answer Question Enhancement

The functionality of partial credit in Multiple-Answer Questions has been updated to allow instructors to assign points for each possible answer. Instructors will have more control over the use of partial credit. Negative points can be applied to incorrect questions as desired. This will prevent students from guessing at answers.

More detailed information on how to create Multiple Answer Question

Updated Discussion Board

The discussion thread detail page is thoroughly redesigned yet maintains all of its existing functions. Some key changes are:

  • Post First Setting - instructors can use a new forum setting to require students to post to a forum before they can see other students’ posts. This is useful if you want students to post original responses without being influenced by other students' posts.
  • Inline replies - to post a reply, you will not be taken to a new page; the content editor is on the same page, within the context of the discussion.
  • All posts on one page - all of the posts in a thread are now visible at the same time on one page.
  • Role highlighting - posts made by forum managers and moderators now contain the user’s course role and forum role.
  • Overall Rating - allows to rate posts.

Read more about Discussion Board Updates             Watch video