KOILS Fall 2012
DL Coordinators Gwyn Sutherland and Kim DeVaughn
Lady working at computer
KOILS Fall 2012
Employees smiling
working at a computer
KOILS Fall 2012
Peer Team
Visitors to Innovation Room at New Horizons
KOILS Fall 2012
DL Peer Team fall 2012
Smiling with Innovation Learning Lab at new horizons
KOILS Fall 2012
Canadian Visitors Fall 2012
Jason Butler Sitting at Desk with tv monitors behind him
KOILS Fall 2012
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Enhanced Content Editor

The Content Editor, also known as the ‘visual editor’ or ‘html editor,’ has been completely redesigned. There are now more text editing options, as well as more built-in support for copying and pasting from Microsoft Word. It includes the ability to resize images, find/replace text, and wrap the text around images. You can also easily add rich content by pulling in mashups from YouTube, Flickr, Slideshare and more. Blackboard has also replaced the old math editor with a new equation editor.

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